VHS transfer service on DVD or USB key

Our service of transfer of a VHS on DVD or USB key

Are your family memories preserved on old cassettes? If so, you run the risk of losing them forever as they deteriorate over time. So if you want to transfer the contents of your VHSs to a USB key or DVD, don’t hesitate to use the services of real specialists.

Call on the experts in transfer of any type of tapes

Thanks to our leading expertise in the field of VHS transfer and professional and personal archival copying, we guarantee you a quality service. We are a team of specialists equipped to copy all your media on digital supports of your choice. We duplicate your old tapes on devices such as external hard drives, USB keys or DVDs. You can confidently entrust us with the duplication of your photos, old movies, videotapes, slides and many other old formats.

We make it a point of honor to treat your films with the utmost professionalism throughout the process. We guarantee you a service of optimal quality, because we are aware of the interest you have in your memories. We achieve this level of competence through the acquisition of the latest generation of equipment: professional devices and specific software. Equipment ensures that all your content is played back and recorded in complete safety.

A recognized know-how for the handling of all formats

By investing in the appropriate equipment, we are able to handle a variety of formats for the production of your copies. These include negatives, slides, glass plates, MINIDV cassettes, super 8 film scans or HI8 cassettes. This list also includes several other supports: Audio K7, DAT cassette, BETACAM, U-MATIC, BETACAMA, VHS K7, Micro-MV, mini disc, laserdisc VCD and SVCD, DVD video, V2000, MPEG, DIGITAL BETACAM SX, DIGITAL BETACAM, Video8, magnetic tape, 45 rpm, 33 rpm and 78 rpm.

This list is not exhaustive. Whatever the format we support, we do our utmost to offer you the same quality service. The techniques used prevent your content from being damaged over time. Do not hesitate to call us for the conversion and burning of old formats to safer media such as DVD. We give you the opportunity to continue enjoying your memories with your loved ones.

Guaranteed confidentiality of your duplicate content

The particularity of our service lies in our ability to keep the secret aspect of your contents that we transfer on more reliable supports. After handing over your media to be duplicated, we erase all evidence of your recordings on our premises. Subject to a duty of confidentiality, our staff works to preserve the confidentiality of your transferred archives.

The possibility to send your tapes by mail

Whether you live in Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel or Fribourg, you can benefit from our K7 transfer services. We give you the possibility to send us by mail your content to be duplicated on new media. Your offer is also sent to you if you do not live in Geneva. We accept the sending of your media by post.

Special rates for your transfers to the medium of your choice

Our company has developed around cardinal values such as quality, confidentiality and transparent pricing. We strive to provide you with a service that offers excellent value for money. Our prices vary according to the quantity of your media to be transferred to an external hard drive, a USB key or a DVD. The prices applied are as follows:

From 1 to 3 media: 49 CHF / unit
From 4 to 9 media: 35 CHF / unit

From 10 to 19 media: 30 CHF /unit

From 20 to 29 media: 25 CHF / unit

From 30 to 39 media: 20 CHF / unit

From 40 media: 15 CHF / unit

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It should be noted that these prices include the customer’s choice of media, i.e. a DVD-video or a USB key.

As far as the supported formats are concerned, those concerned by this price list are :

Super 8, 8MM, 9.5MM, 16MM, HI8, Video8, Digital8, MINIDV cassettes, K7 VHS, DVD video, laserdisc VCD and SVCD, mini disc, DAT cassette, K7 audio, DCC, 78 rpm, 33 rpm, 45 rpm, and magnetic tape.

For prices on different formats, please contact us.


Do you have a question about our services or would you like to know our rates? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.